Clear, Nurture and Nourish your womb during any phase of your cycle or time of life with this herbal infused sacral oil.

Coconut oil infused with ginger, motherwort, rosemary, red raspberry leaf and rose petals. Pomegranate seed and rose hip seed oil complete the blend. 



2 oz glass dropper bottle.

Apply liberally to womb/sacral area

Comes with a womb prayer to help guide you in adding intention to your womb wisdom sacral oil ritual.


The womb/sacral center is a magical portal of creativity, fertility, core energy, vitality, balance, sexuality/sensuality, and governs how we interact with others and life. Supporting this area looks like:

speaking your truth/expressing yourself, prioritizing self love and care, balancing hormones with diet, doing things that promote joy, pleasure, sensuality, vitality, having healthy boundaries.


The womb/sacral 

Womb Wisdom Sacral Oil