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Welcome To Restoration, Balance, Peace & Transformation

Massage Therapy
CranialSacral Therapy
Sound Healing
PEMF (pulse electromagnetic) Therapy
Tarot/Intuitive Readings


Maressa Fonger McKee LMT
Certified PEMF 'expert'
Reiki Master/Teacher


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441 West River Rd (Route30)
Middle Professional Building, First Floor
Brattleboro, VT

Mon: 12:00-7:30
Tues: 12:00-7:30
Sat: 9:00-3:30


My goal is to provide a sanctuary where you can fully receive what your body, mind and soul needs to rebalance and deeply regenerate. 

The services I offer are diverse and designed to bring remedy and resolve to chronic or acute physical, emotional and energetic imbalances in co-creation with your body's innate intelligence. 

Whether you are looking for a nourishing therapeutic massage or needing some insight and guidance to make the next steps on your journey of personal transformation, you can find a service that works for you right where you are at.


What I have witnessed time and again is that given the proper care and conditions, the body heals itself.  

It is my absolute honor to offer my expertise through what I enjoy doing and to serve each person who walks through my doors with individualized care.

maressa fonger mckee
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