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About Me



With a strong desire to change my life from trauma and survival to thriving vitality, I dove in to Reiki training in 2009.

Reiki lit up my passion for holistic healing and for helping others. After completing Reiki Master level in 2010, I began school for massage therapy and polarity therapy at SpaTech Institute in Plymouth. I graduated with my massage license in 2012 and simultaneously became attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher.

In 2013, I completed a two-year herbal/plant spirit medicine apprenticeship with the Gaia School of Healing which gave me tools and knowledge to address dis-ease with herbs and shamanic practice. I now continue learning and expanding my offerings by incorporating sound healing and vibrational therapy through the use of tuning forks as well as guidance on how to co-create reality through out-loud prayer and affirmations. All of these modalities and more have greatly impacted my life with such benefit, and I am honored and excited to share these tools with you to help you with whatever you are working through.

In a bodywork session, I tune into your body's rhythm and am intuitively guided by your body's innate intelligence to utilize the right flow and techniques to offer you the greatest nurturance and nourishment, so your mind, body and soul get a chance to unwind and tune into a deep state of dream-like relaxation – where the deepest healings and transformations occur.

In 2023, I completed an online certification to become a "Certified PEMF expert". I am excited to offer this incredible earth-based frequency technology to bring a next level of relaxation and rebalancing to your visits.


​I have been trained and specialize in:

Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release


Trigger Point Therapy

Polarity Therapy


Crystal Therapy

Sports Massage - range of motion, stretching.

Tension headache/TMJ relief

Sciatic release

Herbal medicine

Sound Healing with unweighted and weighted tuning forks + frame drum.

PEMF Therapy

Transformation begins within. Our bodies are our ultimate soul mates, here with us to help us experience this beautiful and sometimes crazy world. With practice and dedication to self-care, self-love, nurturance, nourishment and self honesty, our cells and structure literally re-organize and re-tune to give us the experiences in life we desire.

With the proper care and conditions, the body heals itself!

To learn more about these offerings, check out my services page!

I look forward to working with you!


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