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Each massage session blends elements of deep tissue, slow myo-fascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, range of motion, stretching and more to promote deep relaxation and healing in accordance with your specific needs.

I use weighted tuning forks, specifically body tuners, during sessions to add vibrational therapy to ease tension and to 'tune' your body to its highest potential.


I offer abdominal massage by request and find that abdominal massage is a wonderful addition to a session, especially if you are experiencing lower back and/or neck issues.

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage available as well.

30 Min - $70

45 Min - $85

60 Min - $100

75 Min - $115

90 Min - $130

120 Min - $170



A half and half blend of body work and energy work including sound healing, reiki, intuitive touch and shamanic tools to assist in rebalancing your mind/body/spirit. Helpful for releasing old traumas and habit patterns and reclaiming aspects of your Self. 

Minimum of 75 Minute Session

75 Minutes - $115

90 Minutes - $130

120 Minutes - $170


In Person or Via Zoom


This intuitive reading is intended for those looking to gain clarity, insight, guidance and direction in regards to your soul's evolution.

The universe speaks to us all the time. It takes silence and stillness to let that inner wisdom come through. The Tarot is a magical tool for reflecting to us and affirming what is going on in our lives, inner and outer, so as to face what is, and take action steps that coincide with deeper knowingness. The cards are gateways through which deeper messages and intuitions come through as we meet in a sacred moment and commune.

Sessions run for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.





A gentle, non-invasive touch that elicits a deep myofascial release of the dura - a membrane that lines the cranium and contains the cerebro spinal fluid/spinal cord all the way to the tail bone. 


Helpful for TMJ issues, muscle/joint tension, structural issues, mental/emotional expansion & release, headache/migraine relief, neck pain, low back pain, stress reduction, nervous system regulation.

Great for adults and children!

60 Min - $100

75 Min - $115


A form of energy work that allows universal energy greater access to the body and chakra system for deep healing on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. I utilize quartz crystals infused with Reiki energy and intention in each session

30 Min - $70

60 Min - $100

90 Min - $130




This session begins with a tarot/intuitive reading where there is space to truly open, commune with deeper guidance on mental/emotional/spiritual levels and clear blockages before diving in to a 60-75 minute massage/energy work hybrid session where all that was addressed in our reading gets addressed on the physical level - fully clearing what needs to be released and re-balancing and aligning you to the next steps needed towards your thriving life! 


Includes practical tools and guidance you can use on your own to re-anchor what we work on in this session and tangibly work towards your goals. 


Mini Retreat

Now offering a combined therapy total self care 'mini retreat'. Totally immerse yourself in multiple hours of combined treatments, catered to your individualized needs and constitution. 

A Look into your day:

-herbal tea, cozy environment, time to chat

-Intuitive/Tarot Reading

-PEMF session with guided meditation, brain wave entrainment OR healing frequency music.

-90 Minute integrative bodywork treatment (cupping optional) - a blend of therapeutic massage, cranialsacral and energy work

-20-30 Minute Post session integration time (where you get the room to yourself to nap, rest, journal, yoga, stretch, look at oracle cards or optional chat with me about your experience and tips for where you are at!)

Approx Time: 3-3.5 Hours



Looking to customize a mini retreat for yourself or a loved one? Contact Me!

Cancellation / No-Show Policy:


Please give me at least 24 hour notice of cancellation or change to appointment time.

No call/no shows and last minute cancellations are expected to pay 50% of missed appointment cost.

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