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Upcoming and Ongoing Classes & Workshops

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This workshop is for anyone and everyone and ESPECIALLY for you if:

-you experienced birth trauma or birthing trauma.

-feel disconnected from your creativity, souls' truth or physical womb

-want to have a child one day and are looking to help clear your karmic lineage so as to have a birth experience that is more of your conscious choosing

-have a 'mother wound'

-feel disconnected from your voice

-are interested in reclaiming sovereignty from systems of domination and control

& More

Cosmic Mother: Birth & Womb Healing 

Birth is of course where and how each life begins. Birth connects us to our ancestral lineages, to all the mothers that have birthed to lead to our own delivery. Gestation and birth also connects us to our primary incarnated essence - the you that exists beneath and beyond the conditionings of the family and society you were born into.


This workshop is a pre-recorded deep dive that explores and addresses:

-How the birth experience of our mothers and mothers' lineage affects us in utero and later in life.

-How the medical system and society affect and impact labor, pregnancy and birth.

-The disconnect many experience between themselves and nature.

-Reconnecting to our fetal imprint and rewriting scripts that may be affecting us on a subconscious level today

-Offers healing to our birth and birthing experiences

-Offers healing to our mothers and mothers lineage

-Offers healing to wombs

-Reclaims sovereignty for the birth experience of your choice, your womb and ability to express your true souls essence with ease and joy.

-Helps to establish a reconnection to nature, to the cosmic mother principle of Life.

-Helps to unentangle your energy and womb from systems of subjugation.

This workshop is an hour long - beginning with an intro followed by an outloud declaration you can repeat or read along with and then a guided journey meditation to the heart of the cosmic mother to receive insights and guidance. 

This workshop works with the whole you on a multidimensional level. It is potent.

You will receive a PDF of the out loud declaration so you can continue the practice on your own. 


Using your voice, out loud, reprograms your subconscious mind - offering new scripts and nervous system patterns that open doors to new, wholesome, ways to experience and perceive life.

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Reiki 1 Workshop

Reiki 1 is an excellent foundation for your personal and professional toolkit. Reiki is for EVERYONE, it is something anyone can do anytime, anywhere!

Reiki literally means 'ray of light' and speaks to each persons' innate ability to be a conduit for Qi, or Universal life force energy - the source field of energy that exists within us and around us. When you are aware of, open to and intent upon working with this Source of unified energy, you can begin to work with it in equal co-creation to bring healing energy to yourself and others.

In Reiki 1 you will learn:

-energetic anatomy of the body

-energy hygiene and reality fortification (so you are not taking on the discordant energetics or unresolved emotions of others empathically)

-how to use Reiki for yourself, children, pets, plants

-how to give a full Reiki session to another

-the history of Reiki

& more

You will receive a Reiki 1 Attunement wherein the lineage of Reiki is passed down through me to you. A Reiki attunement is an important aspect of Reiki as it connects you to a lineage of Reiki healers, opens your energy field to the higher frequency energy and signifies a conscious choice on your part to begin this journey.

When: Saturday May 25, 2024 


Where: 441 West River Rd, Brattleboro VT

Cost: $200


Limited Class Size -  $50 Registration holds your spot and is included in cost of class.

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