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Heart Chakra Affirmation

I, in this ever-present moment of now, choose to engage

in the creation of sacred space within my heart center.

This sacred space surrounds the entirety of my being

physically and non-physically with unconditional love, joy and



I call to the steady drum of mother earth’s heartbeat. I call to the

sacred directions, and the ancestors of this land and of my lineage

- those who stand in resolution and resolve with earth mother

in equal co-creation, non competition and non hierarchy with

every innocent heart. I offer my heart’s truth through these

words of prayer to the alchemical fires of creation to be transmute

and transform what needs to be released for the highest healing

benefit of all.


I choose in this moment to recognize the Divine alive in my heart.

I cast aside all that distracts my mind from being fully focused and

grounded in my heart center, where the trueness of each moment

can be felt.

I choose to fully engage with my heart center now and give my full

attention to the flame of the Divine always within me, guiding me

faithfully as I enter my inner Spirit sanctuary and return Home

heartbeat by heartbeat.


May I have faith in my heart’s journey.

May I surrender doubt, uncertainty and fear to the fires of Divine love with trust, devotion and wisdom.

May I treat myself with more kindness, compassion, forgiveness and gentleness than ever before.

May I honor my heart and speak to her/him fondly and reassure her/him that no matter how she/he feels that I am devoted to her/him first and foremost.

May each word I speak drip honey onto your wounds, dear heart, healing you of all betrayals, judgments and cruelties.

May I empower myself with my own love & devotion to open to life and receive more fully than ever before.


Oh, sacred temple at the core of my being, you are the citadel at which I devote my nurturance, nourishment and direct my love and service.

Oh heart, you are wise and steadfast, committed to your goal of bringing nourishment and life force to all fibers and cells of my being through my blood. Thank you. I am grateful for your strength and your softness. I am grateful for you for giving me the opportunity to feel and experience all emotions, from sorrow and grief to joy and bliss.

Thank you for all the times you have broken open and guided me to receive the gifts of endings, beginnings and initiation.

I devote myself to tending your Divine fires through following my passions, engaging in ecstatic prayer and fortifying unconditional love in my reality through discernment, compassion and the recognition of the Divine heart of innocence in All. I am of service to you, dear heart, first and foremost. I choose you as you are in this moment and allow you the fullness of your expression.


May you flow, feel and heal as you expand into horizons of greater realizations of self worthiness, value and forgiveness, open and humble to Earth mother’s guidance to anchor the experience of heaven on this earth through the portal of your grace. And So it is.

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