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Magical Broth Recipe

We have all heard soup is good for the body and the soul. But, not all soups or broths are created equal. My super magical healing broth is proof. Piggy backing on my last blog all about self nourishment as the foundation for healing, here in this short post is a fabulously nourishing broth recipe that is especially good for these cold mid-winter months. 

This broth is so magical because it takes the tome “let food be thy medicine…” and runs with it. I throw everything but the kitchen sink into this recipe, and change it each time to suit what is available at the store and what my body is needing. It is my go-to for when I’m feeling a bit under the weather (no matter the ailment). Sometimes I just drink the broth as is, other times I’ll throw in some rice noodles to keep it simple, or use it as a base for other soups/stocks/recipes. 

All of these ingredients are highly anti-inflammatory, nourishing, warming to the digestion, stimulating to the immune system, supportive of detox pathways, and sure to help your body and mind adapt to seasonal shifts! Excellent as a daily tonic. 

This recipe is pretty loosely written - it is really more about the ingredients than the quantities of them, and all will need to be adjusted to your taste at the end!

Veggies can be roughly chopped, because you will puree it all at the end minus a few things.


1-2 boxes of Bone broth (or veg if that’s your thang) depending on how much you want to make. 

Basic mirepoix - onion, celery, carrot

Lots of garlic - like, a lot.

Miatake mushroom (dried is fine, but pull out before puree)

Astragalus root (slices can be pulled out, or use tea ball for smaller root pieces)

Seaweed (dulse or wakame)

Fresh ginger

Fresh turmeric

Fresh burdock root (omit if you can’t find or use dry!)

Celtic sea salt (loaded with minerals)


Lime, lemon juice OR ACV (add at end)

Fresh thyme/sage/oregano or any other herbs of choice!

Olive oil or oil of choice

*if you want a spicy broth you can add a jalapeño or other spicy pepper of choice

**for a thicker puree at the end add one large potato or a couple small ones


Chop mirepoix, ginger, turmeric, (jalapeño + potato if using), peel and chop burdock, add to stock pot and sauté with oil of choice until slightly tender.

Add sea salt, black pepper and fresh thyme (or other fresh herbs) to pot to briefly sauté before adding bone broth.

Add bone broth

Reduce heat to medium

Add miatake mushrooms, astragalus, seaweed and any other dried herbs you are using

Simmer on low, covered for about an hour (or longer if put on low). Check for saturation and doneness

If you wanna get a little ‘witchy’ with it, you can also add some mantras/affirmations/prayers to your broth while it is cooking

When you feel it is ready, I usually pull out the big seaweed pieces, miatake, astragalus/tea ball of dried herbs. 

Blend remaining ingredients with immersion blender or food processor.

Add more salt/pepper/citrus or acv juice until the broth is perfect for you.

Now, drink as is, use to make a simple soup or in another recipe of choice!

From my kitchen to yours - Enjoy! 

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