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This hour long pre-recorded self paced workshop is centered around healing birth trauma, reclaiming innocence, healing ancestral patterns related to birth and birthing as well as reclaiming sovereignty from systems of oppression that have long subjugated the womb and birthing practices leading to disconnection between women, children and their natural co-creative abilities and timing. 


The recording begins with an introduction followed by an outloud healing declaraion designed for you to repeat or read along with out loud. After this, you are guided to the realms of the cosmic mother in a guided shamanic journey meditation.


Send me your email address upon purchase and I will send you a PDF of both the out loud declaration and guided journey meditation.


Copyright 2024, these pdfs are not intended for resale but you are welcome to distribute them/share them.





Cosmic Mother: Birth Healing Pre-Recorded Workshop

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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