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Root Chakra Affirmation

I, in this ever present moment of now, choose to create sacred space

within my heart center that surrounds the entirety of my energy field and

physical body. Within this sacred field of awareness, I choose to anchor

the highest light of unconditional love, peace and thriving vitality into

my body and into the core of Earth Mother.

I am a sovereign being of light and choose to emit this frequency of

sovereignty in equal co-creation, non-competition and non-hierarchy

in sacred neutral expression fully and completely now.

I call to my highest healing angels, guides and ancestral allies working

in alignment with my highest healing, sovereignty and free will to offer

me root chakra healing in this moment in all time streams, dimensions,

galaxies, realities and universes.


I open my root chakra fully now to receive the full potency of this healing,

these healing words, and speak these forthcoming words in prayer and reclamation of my power and sovereignty. May these words reverberate throughout all time and space and be recorded in my Akashic records as a powerful moment of grace, healing, alignment and empowerment.


I choose to disengage and un-entangle any cords of attachment to my root chakra from any person, place, thing, institution or experience in this life or any other that I may have given my power to.

I send healing light to all parts of me that may have had experiences that caused me to feel ungrounded or unsafe in my body, in my authenticity or in my power and sovereignty.

I send healing light to my fetus in my mother’s womb, to my pre-birth imprint and connect to this seed of myself and all the potentials laid out before this lifetime began. I send healing light to my infant self who was born of my mother, came into this earth life and took on the karmic conditioning of my family and society.


I choose to break all contracts, vows and agreements with ancestral karma and conditioning that no longer serves me or that keeps me in holding patterns of limitation, self neglect, shame, blame, guilt, ungroundedness, traumatized, and self doubt fully in this moment now.

I send healing light and unconditional love to any part of me that feels victimized or has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect in any way shape or form. I choose to embrace these aspects of myself, pull them up from my root to my heart to be lovingly received by the Divine flame within my heart. I free my authentic self and choose to walk into my dharmic path fully and completely now, free from all ties that bind me to living out familial traumas, curses or conditionings.


I break all contracts vows and agreements with my mother and father that no longer serve me and rewrite these contracts to bless each one of us on our own unique journeys. I hereby take on the responsibility of being my own divine mother and divine father and I rewrite these contracts under the umbrella of unconditional love and respect of my sacred space and make choices that align with these sentiments.

I fully embrace my own inner divine mother/feminine and divine father/masculine now.

May these parts of me be blessed, forgiven and allowed the fullness of their divine expression in my life with unconditional love so my inner child and divine essence may be released of its shackles and freed to soar and thrive, so I may co-create from joy, self exploration and self love and confidence as never before, for that is my divine birthright and legacy.


May my root chakra be fully connected to the healing heart and core of Earth Mother and her highest harmonics wherein I am nurtured, nourished and find safety wherever I am. I am safe in my body. I am safe on the Earth and I am grounded in joy and my divine purpose with a root chakra full of light fully and completely now. My roots are robust and nurture me with every step I take. Thank you Earth Mother, Thank you Great Spirit, Thank you Healing Angels and Guides for this Healing. And So It Is. I am the Light the Light I Am.

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