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Sacral Chakra Affirmation

I, in this ever present moment of now, choose to create a container of

sacred space within my heart center that surrounds the entirety of my

being with unconditional love, clarity, peace, wholeness, joy, and thriving

abundant vitality fully and completely as I Am now.

I call to my highest healing angels, guides and ancestral allies to form

a spiritual court of equity as I read this affirmation/revocation.

May these words reverberate throughout all space and time to all

parts and versions of myself in equal co-creation, non-competition

and non-hierarchy. May they be recorded in my Akashic

record as a potent powerful moment of this I Am’s free will

journey as a sovereign being of light. And so it is.


May my Sacral Chakra be filled with the highest healing light of

unconditional love and anchored to the core of Earth Mother

wherein I am nurtured, nourished, held in safety and grounded in bliss.

My sacral chakra is my womb, is my center for divine co-creative

manifestation power and is a sacred space of Divine potential, dreams

and co-creations of peace, joy, unconditional love and Divine genius.


I sit in the throne of my sacred body and honor the rhythm Divinely bestowed upon this physical form that feels the best and most joyous to me day to day. May I honor and respect my own timing, the cycles of my body and energy levels as I choose this body fully and I embrace all that brings me pleasure as medicine for my soul’s journey and growth.

I break all contracts, vows and agreements with anything or anyone on all timelines, dimensions, galaxies, realities and universes that attempts to limit my creative expression through domination, control, manipulation, projections, co-dependency, expectations and objectifications. I cast off all shame, blame and guilt regarding my cycle, rhythms, self-expression, sexuality, pleasure, bliss and creativity fully and completely now.


I choose to take responsibility for my own self-love, nurturance, nourishment, pleasure and creativity and commit to strengthening myself and these aspects by making choices and decisions that honor me, without judgment, as the divine gift and vessel that I am.

May my sacral center be free to create heart aligned desires in the physical world.

May my sacral center be free to embody sexuality, sensuality, and creativity in the fullness of unique divine expression as an unlimited being with an unlimited point of view and unlimited creative potential.

May my sacral center attract to me all that I need to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as a sovereign being working in union and communion with Earth Mother.

May expressions of pleasure, sexuality, sensuality and bliss be aligned with my highest heart and heart's innocence.

May my inner child be free to explore and express, held by my heart and compassionate awareness fully Now.


May my relationships be blessed with balance, healthy interdependence, joy and bliss. May I allow myself to receive the highest healing, peace and unconditional love fully and completely now from the relationships in my life and in equal exchange with all energies. 

May I serve as a Divine vessel and conduit for that healing, peace and love for All. May I embody all I wish to create in this world and anchor it fully into the Earth’s Core for the highest healing blessings for all. I call to me the life of my dreams – a life of bliss, balance, vitality, pleasure, creativity, fully embodied sensuality and grace. I call to me that which I am destined to be and receive in perfect Divine order and timing. This is my divine birthright and legacy. And so it is.

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