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Self Doubt Revocation

I, (Your Name Here), in this ever-present moment of

now, choose to engage with the fullness of my genius,

the fullness of my spirit as an ever expanding being of

light, of self illumination. I choose to engage with the

full potency and power of my sacred voice to co-create

this sacred space of my heart as I am. 

I have come to a great crossing in my soul’s journey,

one where I must take a look at all I have been, all I

have done and not done and all the ways I have played

small, allowed feelings of insignificance, self doubt,

regret, hesitation and unworthiness to have the upper

hand in my choices, opportunities and decision making.

I have come to a point where I can no longer give away

any energy, time, focus or attention to the nigglings of

self doubt, hesitation, unworthiness or insignificance.

Any part or version of myself that, at this time, cannot

rise above the mental jungles of these patterns of

unworthiness must be released and allowed to continue their journey on their own in equal co-creation. I must rise. I will rise. I choose to move forward with courage, confidence, trust, faith, joy, peace, commitment, self determination, self illumination, authenticity, mastery, dedication and devotion to my highest potentials and callings in this lifetime Now.


I choose to lead myself, with full permission to shine, to resolve and heal my heart, to act with the great splendor and beauty i know to be the truth of my true divine nature. Like the eagle, I soar above the chatter, the tangled webs of the past, seeing the bigger picture of my journey and flying to grander heights in frequency that i readily embody in this sacred physical vessel. 

I approach and embrace myself with full forgiveness - for all the times i said no because of fear and unworthiness, for the times i stayed in unhealthy situations and abusive/unhealthy relationships or situations because of feelings of fear and unworthiness and insignificance, for all the times i hesitated to put myself out there, to speak my truth, shine my light due to doubt, insignificance and unworthiness.- in this lifetime or any other lifetime past present and future.

I forgive any and all beings for having reinforced my perceptions and feelings of unworthiness, self doubt, limitation and insignificance via their actions and words towards me. I am perfectly imperfect and accept myself as I am in the fullness of my authenticity in each and every moment. I am the apex of my own hierarchical order - no other person, place, thing, institution, belief structure or system, version or part of myself - has any jurisdiction, coercion, control, manipulation, or ability to dissuade or influence my being in any direction that takes away from my power, sovereignty, core energy, light and upper spiral momentum. 

I fully rip and pull out the root systems and weeds of self doubt, hesitation, unworthiness, insignificance from my mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, energy field fully and completely NOW, on all timelines dimensions galaxies realities and universes. In any and every lifetime Now. These weeds are tossed into the great cosmic compost pile to be disintegrated, putrified, fermented and turned into the greatest soil for future potentials and positive growth for the highest healing benefit of myself and all. As I speak this, i connect deeper to my souls’ essence, illuminating the gifts, talents and abilities alive within me that wish me to engage with them more intimately, to hone their skill so that I may emanate the beauty, power and grace that is within me in each and every moment.  I connect deeper with my heart’s purity and innocence, offering my hand, a full embrace, as i raise her with light, unconditional love, empowerment, nourishment, nurturance, grace, and genius. I break all ancestral, soul family karmic patterns and curses that have had any influence on my life in a negative, de-evolving way, as Maressa Elaine Fonger McKee in this lifetime or any other. May all beings connected to me via ancestral relation, past present and future, soul or blood lineage, be blessed with these words of healing. The buck stops here. I am a being of unlimited worthiness, potential, significance, beauty, grace, genius, healing, value. Immeasurably. My heart is a portal of unconditional love and peace of GREAT SIGNIFICANCE. I shine this light without hesitation and give myself FULL PERMISSION to allow this light - this angelic presence - to speak through my throat, express through my body’s movement, pour through my hands and feet in intimate connection with self and other and earth, rise in my belly as motivation, courage, confidence, will power and sovereignty which i choose to enact with every breath and step I take. This light opened portals in my sacral center, connecting me to my womb mysteries, to my deepest magical skills and abilities and creativity in equal co creation non competition and non hierarchy. This Light I AM is significant beyond measure - capable of illuminating the world, the great sea of consciousness, the great ocean of awareness of which I am a part. In resolution and resolve, unconditional love and healing, Thank you body, mind, soul, spirit, souls essence, I AM technology, healing angels and guides, Akashic records, ancestral allies, earth mother, great spirit, elemental beings for witnessing me, for hearing me, for believing in me. I believe in me. 

I step into my power, innocence, grace, vitality, authenticity, source connection, more fully now than ever before. Unencumbered by the frequencies and vibrations of doubt, hesitation, unworthiness, insignificance and any and all frequencies that are a match to these, I bust out of the closet of unawareness, of hiding, of perceived safety, I am safer in my truth, in my authentic expression more than ever before. I am safe in my arms, in my mind, in my heart, in my womb, in my belly. I step into self belief, self trust, self faith more fully now than ever before. I act on this in equal co creation with spirit and with all parts of myself fully and completely now. 

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