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Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmation/Revocation

I, in this ever present moment of now, choose to fully stand in my

sovereignty as a fully embodied vessel of Divine light and unconditional

love. My space is sacred and I claim my Divine birthright of spiritual

authority and the fullness of my free will to deem it so. I am complete

and whole unto myself and every step I take, word I speak and breath

I breathe are infused with the full potential of my expression and

being-ness as a living testimony of prayer and radiant purpose – in

equal co-creation, non competition and non-hierarchy with all parts of

my self, every living being, Mother Earth and Great spirit – on all timelines,

dimensions, galaxies, realities and universes.


I claim the fullness of my power and stand in truth, filling my solar plexus

chakra with radiant golden light.

I radiate this most brilliant light from the immaculate Fire of my Soul and

Solar Plexus, lit with passion, purpose and grace. I am a Star and refuse

to dim my shine or hide my light.

I Am Source, living my truest, aligned authenticity as I am and allow all

parts of myself the fullness of their radiant expression and honor each

part as a spark of Divine beauty.


I break all contracts, vows and agreements on all timelines, dimensions, galaxies, realities and universes with any institution, system, karmic pattern, family crest, person, place, or thing that seeks to dominate, control or dampen my brilliant, authentic, Soul’s Light or claim authority over my sovereign rites as a free will being living in a free will Universe.

My Light will not be perverted, exploited or syphoned in any way. My energy is my own. My fucking destiny is my own and I resolve to act courageously and confidently towards my soul’s divine desires, purposes and highest potentials fully in this moment Now.


I say Fuck No, system of domination and control. I take back all power I may have given via tacit consent to any external false authority or system, institution or ideology fully and completely Now. This power is cleansed, cleared and restored to its highest divine blueprint as it is integrated back into the sanctity of my being.


The divine fire of my inner sun burns and disintegrates all cords of attachment that harvest energy away from my ability to fully manifest my passion and purpose fully and completely now. I fully fucking remove and disentangle myself from any familial karma, karmic debt or contract that undermines my ability to thrive in my purpose and authentic soul’s destiny and expression.


I claim my divine destiny and highest potential Now and am free to confidently act with courage and tenacity and breathe passion into my life by choosing that which builds thriving joy and abundance on all levels. I am balanced; I am whole. I transmute and transform all experiences into Divine fulfillment through the belly of my being and am nurtured and nourished by the strength and brilliance of my own inner Light more now than ever before. I allow inspiration to fill me and trust my gut instinct and intuition to guide me into full embodiment of my personal power, will and decisiveness fully and completely now. And So It Is. I Am the Light, the Light I Am.

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