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Space Clearing Prayer

I, in this ever present moment of now choose to create sacred space within my heart center in an act of divine will. This sacred space is a place of nourishment, nurturance, harmony and thriving vitality. It is a space within me wherein I honor myself as Divine and only allow unconditional love to enter the sanctity that is my energy field.


All else is blessed by this emanation of sacred space, returned to the point of its origin with the highest healing blessings for all.

I choose to include this physical room (bedroom, office, house etc) within my domain of sacred space. This is a space of healing, of sacred dreaming, of peace and power where I am able to recharge, let loose and engage with myself on a level of deeper intimacy.


This is a space where heaven and earth may converge in sacred union, wherein I may expand my self awareness and self-expression from a state of balance, relaxation and harmony with my authentic self. I cleanse and clear this space with my heartfelt intent. May all stagnant and negative energies be transformed and transmuted and returned to the point of their origin for the highest healing blessings for all. May all energetic exchange between myself and any and all beings/energy be brought to zero point balance within my energy field.


May the four corners of this space be anchored in divine radiant light and be an extension of my sacred space emanation in physical form. This is a space of rest, sanctuary, peace, vitality, grace, joy, bliss, harmony and unconditional love. And so it is.

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