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Third Eye Chakra

I, in this ever-present moment of now, choose to

engage in the creation of sacred space within my

heart center. May sacred space surround the entirety

of my being physically and non-physically with

unconditional love, joy and gratitude.


May these words reverberate throughout all space

and time to all parts and versions of myself in equal

co-creation, non-competition and non-hierarchy.

May they be recorded in my Akashic record as a

potent powerful moment of this I Am’s free will journey

as a sovereign being of light. And so it is.


I offer these words of prayer and affirmation to myself on all timelines, dimensions, galaxies, realities and universes with healing and love to my third eye chakra, Mind and nervous system. I choose to disengage and disentangle myself from others’ perceptions of me. I cast aside all perceptions I may have taken on from others that are not in alignment with my authentic self expression fully and completely now.


I choose to disengage and clear any cords of attachment to my third eye from any person, institution, or system that casts veils of illusion and shadow that attempt to keep me limited, dominated or controlled in my view of self, other and Life. I choose to see Truth in All and utilize my perspectives and perceptions as tools to bring greater Light and knowingness to my Life through honest introspection, self love and forgiveness.


I wipe my third eye clean to reveal the immaculate clarity of hindsight and foresight, as tools of healing and manifestation fully in this moment, now. I choose to reengage with my dreamtime potential and multidimensional nature. I choose to reengage with my unlimited potentials as a sovereign being of light in the fullness of my free will I AM expression.


I am a being of unlimited perspective, able to see and discern clearly with my third eye and heart connection. I allow myself to visualize, in my third eye, the life I fully desire to manifest with ease and joy fully in this moment, now. My mind is vital, balanced and aligned.


I release all information that does not serve me in this present moment and allow the universe to flow through me, bringing the thoughts, insights, perspectives, clarity and information that is necessary and of my highest best for this moment.


My third eye is fully connected and aligned to receive vision and divine guidance, inspiration and genius. I easily and effortlessly make my dreams a reality with each step I take and choice I make.


I allow peace of mind to create an expanded state of being-ness, wherein I am whole I and fully connected to my source light within. I allow myself to see myself in non-judgment, as the truth I AM. I respect my mind and thoughts, easily allowing negative or hurtful thoughts to flow out with compassion as I anchor thoughts that are most helpful to my self esteem and path.


I am easily able to multi task, and offer the gift of strategy and organization to myself so that my mind may be nurtured and nourished and my divine creativity and genius is freed to express. I allow myself and open myself to perceive the divine in All, that there is no other than the divine in form.


I am a Divine child in union and communion with the universe, with the great cosmic web of light, ever evolving and open to life with enthusiasm and grace. With each moment of peace and clarity, I allow my mind and visions a home in my heart where all is welcome, all is heard, all is seen, so I may expand and explore my consciousness and be welcomed home in the universe. And so it is.

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