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Crown Chakra Affirmation

I, in this ever-present moment of now, choose to engage

in sacred space and the sacred ritual of speaking to the

wholeness of my self and the universe with healing intent,

union and communion.

I call to the brilliant Light of the Universe, to the Source

energy that runs through me. That IS me. I connect with

these words to my Crown chakra, to the thousand petal

lotus that connects me to the Above realms, to my etheric

chakras, to my Holy I AM presence, to my

multidimensional nature.


I see myself now as a golden pillar of Light with tendrils that reach from my crown into the great Divine web that connects All. I send healing light to my mind and brain, to my thought patterns and structures, to any areas of overload or overwhelm from information and stimulation. I ground myself into Knowingness, fully and completely now.


All I need to be aware of and know in this moment is present and fully accessible to my conscious mind. I allow myself to be fully open and receptive to divine, universal wisdom. I engage, from the sacred neutral expression, with my deepest souls truth through connection with my Akashic record.


I trust in the great dance of my life and flow with grace and faith in divine timing. I open myself now to greater embodiment of source Light, flowing in through my open crown, into each of my chakras and energy centers to the fullness of their expression in equal co-creation, in alignment with my individuated natural evolutionary process.


I release all force and attachment that keeps my mind fixated on distractions that detract from my overall wellbeing and fullness of life experience. I recognize that the great spiral dance of life includes constant deaths and rebirths as I grow, evolve and access new octaves of conscious awareness and selfrealization. I grant myself the gift of these cycles and allow my open crown chakra to be a divine portal into my unlimited potential.


I Am alive. I Am aware. I Am potent and weed the garden of my mind daily and plant seeds of positivity to promote greater growth and cultivation of knowingness. I allow the experience of oneness to flow through my crown chakra, into my third eye, through my throat, heart, solar, sacral and root, down through my legs and feet into the Earth, more fully and completely now than ever before. I am the light the light I am. I am One with Source as Source.

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