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Throat Chakra Affirmation

I, in this ever-present moment of now, choose to create

sacred space within my heart that fills and surrounds my

being fully and completely with unconditional love, peace,

gratitude, joy, worthiness and divine expression.

Within this sacred space, I call to Earth Mother and

Great Spirit to work through me with guidance,

grace and wisdom, filling each of my chakras with

divine healing light, allowing each to open to sacred

expression in the unlimited point of view.


I am open to receiving divine guidance. I am open to

divine silence, which brings me peace and a space to

receive. ::close eyes and give yourself a moment before



May my throat chakra be activated, cleansed and cleared in this moment of all stuck or stagnant energy that impedes the most truthful and authentically inspired expression from flowing through my airways, vocal chords and words.


May my words and prayers serve to greater uplift my spirit as I anchor joy behind each vocal offering. May I communicate and express sacred neutral and the unlimited point of view through this 26 letter language.


May I transmute and transform what I hear to be of healing benefit to my soul’s journey. May I allow the highest light of the universe to flower within my throat chakra, allowing universal wisdom, knowledge and truth to flow.


May my words and prayers be packed with the devotional power of unconditional love, instantly shifting, transmuting and creating a fortified personal reality grid of peace, joy, love, faith, bliss and divine expression. May I breathe more fully, allowing greater floods of life force energy to fill my lungs, dispersing this qi into the cells of my physical body.


With every breath, may I bring in greater nourishment to my soul and exhale all that no longer serves me in this moment to allow for greater clarity, peace and embodiment of truth. May I be more kind, gentle and open with my communication with self, nature and other.

May my words and prayers serve to uplift, encourage, guide, nurture and empower in equal co-creation, non-competition and non-hierarchy.

May I love myself enough to share my true voice, expressions and creations.

May I express love + gratitude more fully and completely as a practice of throat chakra activation.


I allow myself, in this potent moment of now, to freely express my truth to the universe and I honor my power through this action. I allow myself to be seen + heard as I am and release all fear, expectation, judgment + comparison fully in this moment. I am and declare myself as a divine architect of peace and honor the power of my words, prayers and expressions as potent, powerful tools of manifestation. I am solely responsible for the creation of my personal divine matrix as I weave light into the foundation of my reality through how I respond and express. And so it is.


With the power of my words as swords of truth, I pierce the veils of illusion as I carry myself on the winds of change, with each breath, into greater horizons of expression, potential and knowingness. Aho.

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